Some of our Wonderfull Partners as well as tools we use in our business and our clients businesses. We decided to create a resource list for you. This is nowhere a complete list by any means. We will Continue to try to add to it over time.


Social Tools:


Hootsuite is a social platform for monitoring and posting to your social media. It has great capabilities for its cost and really shines when you use their enterprise version. it will make your team’s social media responsibilities much easer. Works great with other services like Social Flow and the recently acquired uberVU realtime data platform. Works with Twitter, FaceBook, Google Pages as well as LinkedIn.

ArgyleSocial h

Argyle Social is a social CRM similar to Hootsuite but is intended for B2B and for following up with leads. It is designed with Agencys in mind and can be used with your clients and white labeled. h is a syndication and posting service used by some of the top brands around the web to post their content to all the main social media properties. It can be used as buffer as well. also has a paid promotion feature to get farther reach on big channels for your blog posts or PR content. It works very well, I personally use them for all my stuff.

Twitter Only: h is a Twitter engagement platform that helps you track new followers so you can engage with the most active ones.

Content Creation:

Shareist h

Shareist is a curation and research marketing platform that helps you create content and organize your projects. There are collaboration and social sharing features built in as well as some affiliate marketing integration for your links. It is great platform to help you stay on top of current content and turn that content into sharable content.

GatherContent h

Gather Content was designed for developers to get content first from your clients before you build them the web site. It allows you to organize and structure that content. We use this all the time but with a completely different purpose which I will be teaching you how to do shortly. This is an invaluable tool in our business.

Kapost h2

KaPost is one of the larger content marketing platforms that is designed around an editorial process and helps you track the performance of your content marketing across the web as well as manage your writers and editors all with one platform. It has a very comprehensive feature set. If you have the budget, I strongly recommend you give it a try.

CoSchedule h2

CoSchedule is a simple WordPress plugin that adds a calendar for an editorial workflow and integrates with some of your social media channels for easy sharing and scheduling. It helps you track performance and can also manage your writers from within the platform. It is a great little handy tool.

Web Technologies:

joyent h

Joyent is great for testing out sites or running complex setups. One of their data centers locations is at Switch Nap, one of the top data centers in the country.

DigitalOcean h

Digital Ocean is relatively a new host but have great price to performance ratio and are the quickest to get up and running. They have 4 data centers to choose from and, in my testing, have some of the fastest website load times without having to spend money on more complex private cloud hosting solutions.

HPcloud h

HP Cloud is designed like a private cloud but is actually a public cloud. They have only 3 data centers at the moment and are recently out of beta. One of their data centers, and the main one, is at Switch Nap which is a real plus. They also have lots of choices when deciding how to setup your cloud with DNS capabilities, block storage and easy integration with Right Scale.


Switch NAP (Super NAP) Is one of the Top Data Centers in the the Country they have some of the best connectivity on the planet and are a Tier IV Data Center. This is why I only like using Web Hosts that have their equipment at Switch for our critical applications. They are used by some of the biggest brands like eBay, Zappos, TiVo, DreamWorks, Fox, Paypal and many more. Highly recommend – you know where your hosts has their data center and what their true capabilities are before putting your website in their hands.

Dyn h

Dyn is a content delivery domain name server. Ever wanted to know how, when someone types your domain name into a browser, it magically finds your servers ip? This is what a domain server does, it points your name to your server and provides a lookup service to connect your visitors to your servers and email, etc. A slow or unreliable dns could mean a slow website or down service for your user, costing you money. Worse, it could be bad for security. Dyn is one of the top and fastest providers used by lots of top enterprises such as Twitter and Amazon. We highly recommend Dyn for your dns.

GeoTrust h

Geotrust is a cost effective, reliable and trustworthy SSL that will fit your budget. We love using their SAN SSLs which protect multiple domains with just one certificate, cutting down costs when you need multiple domains secured for your CDN etc. when building a more secure website.

sucuri h

We use Sucuri’s their cloud firewall service. It is a cost effective way to help prevent attacks when on a lower budget or where spending a $1000/mo. is not yet necessary. But don’t be fooled. Although Sucuri cloud firewall just came out of beta, it holds up pretty well against the big boys when you are using a EV SSL certificate with them. But I do want to point out it will add some extra load time to your visitors, so I recommending testing before using it in your live environment. Also, don’t add any of these types of services to sites you’re not done developing or you will run into some big issues you may not want to deal with. So my advice is develop your site on a development staging environment so you don’t have to deal with any more time-sucking tech issues you might run into.


Wistia h

Wistia is our go-to video delivery service that we use and our clients use when it is important to have reliable video playback user experience. The only thing you can’t do with Wistia is have pre-roll ads or ad capabilities. For that, I recommend Ooyala but we love Wistia way, way better than anything else we have tried. And we have tried a lot of services building our own sites with enterprise platforms etc. Wistia is easer and has amazing built in analytics and heat maps of your viewers so you know when people drop off your video, making tweaking your user experience much easer, as well as a host of other amazing features. If you’re using YouTube on your sales videos and in your marketing, we understand you may be going for plays but you’re doing it at the expense of having the best playable experience to your potential buyers and may be losing as much as 50% of your audience before they ever see your stuff. I highly recommend you try Wistia and see how it can improve your business.

Ustudio h

uStudio makes it easy to manage all your video assets or your clients’ assets across social and video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. It’s easy publishing from one platform while keeping track of what video is where, allowing you to build your video brand better across the web. We really like their CMS approach to video management. If you use Facebook for video with YouTube Twitter and Vimeo as well as others, you should check out uStudio and see how you can free up your time or your staff’s time managing these assets.

eMail & Automation:


Create Drip Feed targeted marketing campaigns and connect with customers and leads on a deeper level when used right, the best way to implement marketing automation I have seen in a long time. Highly recommended tools from these guys.

Campaign-monitor h

We use Campaign Monitor a lot with smaller clients that don’t need huge features but what’s nice is that as the client’s uses grow, Campaign Monitor makes it very easy to integrate with most of those needed tools. Plus, if you want to give the client full control, it is easy to use and you can even bill them from within the platform. If you’re an agency and have a client that can’t afford one of the bigger platforms, these guys will make your life easier and is way easier to use. h is a great tool to really talk to your customers and your prospects with some behavioral triggers. You can do a lot to engaging your users, sending a push notification or emails, depending on how you want to engage. Great for apps and SaaS companies looking to engage users and keep them using your platform. Can be used with your website too, but needs some navigating to get event and triggers to work properly.

HubSpot h

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform. We like using them because they are agency centric and have a lot of features under one roof as well as integrate with a lot of tools our clients use. For those that have the budget and can afford a year up front and are looking at this type of platform, you should get a demo of the platform and see if it is right for your business. Not every marketing automation platform is right for your workflow in how you approach your marketing. Since HubSpot is designed around inbound, you may have to use another platform for your outbound stuff. It really depends on what your needs are and what you want to do in how you market online. We highly recommend you put this on your radar if it’s not already.

Roost h

Roost (Notifications) we started using Roost with a few clients and we really like the results from Browser Notification Subscribers. We will continue test them and think you should do the same. This is the new way to get active subscribers and visitors to your site. Way more effective than we first thought and the rest of the web is still only starting to catch on, so this could be huge movement (only time will tell) but you should be testing this type of technology as soon as you can.

And many Others:

nikon h

Nikon makes great DSLRs we use their D800 & D810 for both stll & some video production with a Sound Devices pix240i

Red h

RED Makes some of the most Epic cameras being able to shoot in 6K and having great flexibility on production sets these are our go to camera when we shoot movie quality commercials. These will change your workflow for the better you will not look back to your old ways of ingesting media. The quality of the images are breath taking and you can easily make custom presets to get any look you need on the set. If you haven’t used Red you should rent their equipment on your next big job and delight your clients.

LEDz h

LEDz are some of the most versatile lighting having made there mark when they were first professional Led lighting on the seen they have been the go to lights for  great daylight color temperature, dimming with out changing color temperature and the ability to be driven from batteries on the set. As well as the ability to look like tungsten with some gels. These are really great for my cosmetic clients great even lighting on small sets where regular tungsten would melt the makeup and make the models sweet.

SanDisk h

San Disk is a fantastic reliable media we buy this mostly for our cameras and audio recorders which must be reliable on set so far I have been really happy with both performance and durability of San Disks memory Pro products.

Bigger List Coming Soon, Like!

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