If you want to improve your marketing you must understand the fundamentals of your brand’s message.

What does it stands for? And most importantly what do you want people to think about and associate with your brand, product and service?

To maximize your marketing, we need to talk about how to get Brand Dominance in your prospects mind when they think about you.

The way to do that is to make your view of the market different than the one you think you’re in. While they may be the same type of customers, you may find that you can build a new sub-market by positioning your brand in such a way that you’re the only one in that sector.

I would like to share with you some of these insights from a talk I did with both Fortune 100 & 500 Companies as well as a few startups. 

Where I explore how you need to think about your brand in a way that will help improve your marketing.

In this talk I covered:

  • The vision for your company and your brand
  • Building & growing your brand
  • Finding & talking to your audience
  • Content marketing done right
  • Meaningful connections with your customers
  • Establishing your action priorities
  • Viral products
  • Changes to your brand
  • Growth hacking
  • Shifting to the next paradigm
  • Corporate culture
  • Crusaders for your company & brand

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I have nothing to sell. I will not hound you with promotional offers from anyone or share or sell your info. But I will try to help you achieve your goals and share my insights with you and alert you if I do indeed do an event, create a product or create a service that I think you would benefit from. If this is not alright, then opt-in to get the audio then unsubscribe immediately and you will never here from me again. But you will change your perspective and it will be a benefit to you and your company, I promise it is worth your time or I will give you free consulting time with me personally to better help you solve your business problem or dilemma if you felt I wasted your time.

I want to be transparent in my motives so you can make better decisions. I challenge you to find another marketer that is as upfront as I am. You’ll find I walk the talk I am sharing about my path as a Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Coach, Software Tester, Writer and mentor that is responsible for massive wealth success and about 620 Billion clicks or so in traffic over the years.

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