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In business today we are constantly confronted by new ideas on how to run our business from social media to the way we approach innovation. But sometimes we get stuck at a revenue celling we can’t seem to grow past. In my years of working with clients and building my own business I have come to realize that in order to grow beyond what we have done in the past we must learn to shift our business to be able to take advantage of and be able to become a bigger brand or company. If we don’t we will continue to be stuck and eventually we will lose market share as the market it self changes and shifts on there own leaving us no longer the market leader we once where.

If you are looking to grow from a startup to a 10, 20 , 50, 100, 250, 500million or a 1Billion company you can’t get their from growth alone. the only way is to shift there where in each of those steps you will have to do things very differently then you once did in order to see revenue increase very quickly. every company that has ever gone on to become a multi billion dollar company has shifted more times then you can count to get where they are. Once you realize this you can strategically shift to the revenue and sixe company you want to become over time once you acquire the required resources to shift to the next level with out this you will not be able to take advantage of what is possible.
This is why Growth Hacking is so popular with startups because it is inherently doing things necessary that help micro shift you little by little into a much bigger company in far less time then once thought possible. All because a growth hack is a formula of tracking action in a particular way when followed circumvents the learning curve. Instead of becoming an expert you are using expert advice and strategies that have all ready been proven to work. When do at the right time can catapult you a lot further along then previously thought. Gaining you the momentum needed to grow 2-10x faster then anyone else. So how do we understand what shift needs to take place and when?

There is an inherent formula left behind those that are bigger then you. But if you are already at the top let say then we must understand what we are not doing that the smaller companies are using to catapult them selves since in this type of situation you”ll much more likely to maximize your results because of the resources you have that your other competitors or industries may not have.

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