About Kala Mana

Kala Mana – Defined from the Hawaiian language, which is closest to Ancient Egyptian and used in the Secret Huna tradition by the Great Kahunas, means “All Power Comes From Within”

My Mission is to give valuable information on business and entrepreneurship and to help you create better marketing and engagement with your end users, so you can grow leaps and bounds beyond what you are doing now.

Kala Mana was founded way back over 18 Years ago with the idea that you have all the power to change the world around you, hence the meaning “All Power Comes From Within”

We tend to give up the fact that we have all the power. It is easy to relinquish our true power and let life happen to us as opposed to using our power to influence our world around us.

This is the true nature of what Kala Mana is about – taking back our power and becoming our true selves that can mold our world around us to our desires, dreams and aspirations.

I Challenge You to find Your KALAMANA…….And reach your potential.

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