About Michael

So you want to know more about me?

Well here are the headliners that other people have said to me over the years.

mike2(And yes, it is weird but strangely true.)

Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary, 

Artist, Team Player, Auctioneer, 

Internet Marketer, Strategist


I have started many companies over the years. The one thing I can’t stop doing is creating. I live in a world of infinite ideas & opportunities.

I have always believed that you can’t give to the world if you’re poor, but if you create something of immense value, you can help change one person at a time. One day, if you’re lucky, you will wake up and realize you have helped change millions of people’s lives and those people will share your message and before you know it you have changed the world.

Having endless ideas, I always try to remember that One idea may be worth billions but if that idea never sees the light of day it is completely worthless. One should strive to find ideas that can be put into practice so that one day those ideas, that are bigger than you, could one day see the light and bring you closer to realizing its worth. And worth is nothing unless it can be explored fully.

Some people don’t know my passion for photography & film, having studied at The International Center of Photography in New York.  I also studded at NYU Strasberg theater for dramatic arts and script development. Not easy to get into when I went, but it was in my blood.  My grandmother Maxine, who was an accomplished playwright, and Ana Strasberg, the wife of the famed late Lee Strasberg and a friend of the family, wrote very nice things about me, allowing me to gain access to the famous school of acting. Later I went on to study with Gene Frankel at the Gene Frankel Theater in the village.

I also have a Physical Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor license from the ACE certification program and, among other things, I have bar tending license.

I have flipped Ferrari’s in LA for a while, finding them at a lower price around the country then flipping them to dealers for a cut of the action.

So let us focus on my Internet career as an Internet Marketer.

Having started down my internet marketing training from the late Corey Rudle way back around ’95, I went on to learn from some great marketers, having already a background in direct response marketing. Over the next coming years, I learned the value of traffic after taking John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course the day it launched, learning later how John went on to do over a Million dollars in the first 18 hours. I new there was something to it, from that point on I dove in head first and went 100% in full time as an Internet entrepreneur.

My first real success with traffic was only a month or so later when I did a marketing test and started getting 50K visits to my little website, a subdomain no less. This was the first of many little tests that proved what a little traffic could do.

Having tried my hand at building all kinds of mass traffic systems using cloaking systems such as the robust Cloaking Master created by Rich Creal (later purchased by Keith Baxter) and then later moving onto building my first blog network that ended up doing a total of over 30 million visits a month. I later sold this network to a well-known company. From that I started anew and began 2 secret projects now known as X Media Labs which became my private Media Buying Company and got to work on development of a supplement called **** (I can’t mention the name because of being sued for it and its name as my competitor didn’t want me in the market place.) and the vision of a Raw Food store.

In between starting all my companies, I have also helped a select group of clients achieve amazing results by helping them redesign their thinking of business and strategy and helping them achieve lasting results that can be infinitely scaled. Unlike other marketers, I never divulge or expose who my clients are. I have always been a silent partner in their successes. My results speak for themselves as, without any advertising and only word of mouth, I have had in the past a 4 year waiting list of business wanting to work with me. I mostly turn a lot away as I only have so much time and need it for my own projects that sometimes have to take a back seat so I can meet my clients’ needs. But more importantly, I have and still do only work with people and companies I truly believe in, that put their customers’ needs above their own and serve to create a positive change in the world with both their products and services.

After years of working with amazing clients, I slowly fazed out my work with the amazing and remarkable companies I had the pleasure to be part of to work on my own projects and companies. I couldn’t share the true work I have done for many of both the small and large Fortune 500 companies I had the pleasure of serving.

That was 3 years ago. In that time, I revamped my direction in marketing and took time to work on my own projects. What I realized was that so many business and marketers are getting it wrong or are using outdated philosophies and strategies that are actually repelling their ideal customers, instead of creating a rabid tribe that they should be connecting with.

I am now getting back into coaching, consulting and advising new and previous clients on how to improve their growth strategy and how to amass the audience to build the brand and company they want in half the time it used to take in the past. Bringing my new perspective and expertise to the table that I have developed in the prior 3 years of working on my projects and being in the trenches.

I now look forward to bring my technology to you in both business and in life. This new site is just a beginning of what I plan to share.

I look forward to hopefully working with you and sharing my expertise with you as well as introducing you to a new paradigm on how to conduct business that will grow you faster then anything I have seen.

I hope to cross paths with you and dive deep, as I am now taking on new challenges and clients after my journey over the last 3 years that has taken me to a new way of looking at how we can thrive in business.

All Power Comes From Within,

Be Prosperous & Happy,


P.S. – Here are some public endearments that I in no way ever asked for:


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